Author: Polina

Polina Kazak is an artist, digital creator, photographer, graphic designer, art director and traveler with a knack for storytelling. Independent, ambitious, and solo adventurer born in Minsk, raised in Petersburg, and residing in Africa since 2013, she moved to Tel Aviv in 2017 and back to Belarus in 2019. She's a full time digital and analogue creator focusing on her biggest passion — travelling and telling stories through her Instagram account @worduuup. Polina has earned attention on Instagram with her aesthetic pictures and creating messaging around the subjects of her style, photography, exceptional way of living and travel experience that inspires people around the globe on how to live a life of wonder. On her page you'll find her photoshoots, self-portraits, places, and fluid and visual storytelling from locations like Canada and the Philippines, to Finland all the way down to Mozambique. She engages in telling people visual stories through exploration of the world’s most epic locations.