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Margaret, or Maggie, as her colleagues and friends call her, is originally from the United States, but has set her roots firmly in Indonesian soil; taking citizenship there in 2009. A journalist, translator, women's rights activist, and art lover, Maggie spends her days variously caring for her cat, working on freelance projects, training cub reporters, journalling, walking and drawing in the garden, swimming, and hanging out with friends.

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Jakarta, Indonesia

By , 18 November 2016

These must-know tips for women travelling to Jakarta will help you navigate the crowded, tricky and ...

Shopping Guide

By , 17 November 2016

When shopping at traditional venues, patience is key. Chances are, vendors up the price significantl...

Food Trail

By , 16 November 2016

Like most South East Asian urban centres, Jakarta is host to a vast array of tasty offerings.

Safety & Emergencies

By , 15 November 2016

n Jakarta, it is most advisable to contact or even go directly to your embassy when things go badly ...

Getting Around

By , 14 November 2016

Just one glance at the crowded streets of Jakarta will show visitors how problematic getting around ...

Money Matters

By , 13 November 2016

Indonesia’s currency is the Rupiah, which is abbreviated as Rp. or IDR. Coins start at IDR100 up t...

Customs & Culture

By , 12 November 2016

The Indonesian government advocates” unity in diversity” and the Pancasila (Five Points) ideolog...

Jakarta, Indonesia: Guide For Women Travellers

By , 11 November 2016

Jakarta, which locals and long-timers allude to variously as the “big kampong” or “big durian...

20 Etiquette Tips Every Business Traveller To Jakarta Should...

By , 28 October 2016

A guide that may help make business interactions more comfortable and effective.