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Upskill Yourself For Your Upcoming Travel Adventures

By , 29 May 2020

Instead of feeling down about missed travelling opportunities, why not invest the extra time you may currently have into upskilling yourself for the next adventure?

The ‘New Normal’ Travel Realities Of COVID-19

By , 28 May 2020

As the world embraces the new normal brought on by COVID-19 in our everyday lives, what will this mean for the travel and tourism industry moving forward? Here are a few ways travel could change for u...

Virtual Reality Adventures To Escape Quarantine

By , 13 April 2020

Virtual reality technology provides an innovative means of experiencing the world from the comforts of our living room. With 360° videos and a VR headset or cardboard viewer, you can escape to famous...

Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

By , 9 April 2020

Healthcare experts believe that fighting and coping with the COVID-19 outbreak will require more than just medical intervention — taking care of our mental wellbeing matters too.