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Travelling to Hong Kong? You Must Hit These 7 Shopping Spots

By , 22 March 2022

If you find yourself heading to the vertical city of Hong Kong, know that you’re in for a treat! Especially if you’re the sort who loves to shop till they drop.

Malaysia vs Hong Kong: A Tale Of Chinese Cuisines

By , 5 May 2021

When we think of Chinese food, we can easily draw similarities between Malaysian-Chinese and Hong Kong cuisines. What subtle differences set them apart?

Malaysia vs Singapore: Which Country Has The Best Hawkers?

By , 28 April 2021

Singaporeans claim it to be part of their heritage, but are the hawkers truly different there compared to Malaysia?

Cafés & Co-working Spaces In KL That Are Worth Your Money

By , 5 April 2021

Pick any one of these spots to make your work day a little less dreary and that much more productive.

The 8 Best Coffee Finds In Malaysia

By , 24 March 2021

Nothing beats a hot cuppa joe to kick-start your day. From KL to Kuching, here are the best places to get your morning (or anytime) fix.

Where To Find The Best Filipino Food & Delicacies In Malaysia

By , 15 March 2021

An underrated cuisine, here’s where to indulge your palate in the best Pinoy food you can find from Kuala Lumpur to Johor.