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Out & About: A Guide To Seeking The Outdoors In Kuala Lumpur

By , 19 December 2014

With the amount of shopping malls and airconditioned cafes in KL, it might be tempting to think that KL is an indoor city, with everything taking place in cool, controlled spaces. Far from it. KL boas...

Midvalley City: Your One-Stop Shopping & Dining Destination

By , 15 December 2014

If you are short on time, need to get some shopping done and pamper yourself at the same time, Midvalley City is probably your answer.

Tugu Negara: A Quiet Afternoon With Unnamed Heroes

By , 3 November 2014

If you're a lone traveller who just wants to walk around and don't mind the heat, then you might want to check out Tugu Negara. Known as the National Monument

A Day At Batu Caves

By , 1 October 2014

Batu Caves is home to one of the most popular Hindu temples outside of India itself. It is actually the name of a hill in Gombak, Selangor, about 13km outside