A nomadic soul, Tercia logs her travels, memories and musings on paper to produce beautifully designed pages in her journals. Devoted to keeping analogue experiences alive in the digital age, her daily thoughts and quotes are kind reminders to herself to look on the brighter side and turn negative energy into good vibes.



Capture your memories beautifully and differently

Session 1: 4.00PM, 22 September 2019

Session 2: 5.45PM, 22 September 2019

We live in an increasingly digital world and while sharing your travel experiences on social media can be an instant and timely act, journaling is a great travel companion and a unique way to preserve and capture those precious moments in time! During the workshop you will learn how to log your journey in a visually meaningful and insightful way that enriches your adventures. Discover the advantages of scrapbook journaling and revisit precious memories long after your trip has ended.



Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to meet everyone at the workshop this Sunday!

In order to have a more immersive hands-on experience, please bring with you some photos, receipts, ticket stubs, boarding pass or any embellishments from your travel you would like to decorate your journal with! If you don’t have a notebook, don’t worry, there will be a notebook included in the event goodie bag!

Aside from that, feel free to also bring your favourite pens, scissors and glue to use. Other tools like rubber stamps, washi tapes and so on will be provided for workshop use by @MyPaperProjects!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or @skybambi on Instagram! Have a great week ahead and see you soon!



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