Emily, originally from Canada, first came to Malaysia through her work with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, where she was appointed the Executive Director of the Malaysia Canada Business Council in Kuala Lumpur.

With several years of Strategic Marketing Management experience as well as lecturing at a university, she moved into full-time corporate strategy consulting when she joined Warisan Global Sdn Bhd (StartupMalaysia.org). There she helped conceptualise and execute Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and initiatives to help inspire, create and connect entrepreneurs across Malaysia to a global eco-system, including being a part of the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Week (under the Kauffman Foundation), educational programs, and even included an event for the Crown Prince of Norway. She most recently has been with Global Entrepreneurship Movement Association (GEMA), an NGO based out of Malaysia, working on such projects as The Global Entrepreneurship Community (GEC) Summit 2017, World Congress on Information Technology WCIT2020 and producing content for eFM radio.

Emily lives in Kota Kinabalu, where she has herself ventured into her own business with her husband, former National Malaysian rugby player, pro- wrestler, pro-fighter and, National Featherweight MMA Champion, AJ ‘Pyro’ Lias Mansor. Together, they co-founded a fitness studio, The Borneo Tribal Squad Martial Arts and Fitness in 2013.

Through her involvement in the world of Asian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Emily has managed several Professional Athletes, many of whom are female fighters. She is proud to be one of the few and earliest females involved in the growth and development of the sport of MMA in the South East Asian region and hopes to be able to help inspire and empower more people, especially women of ALL ages to gain confidence, learn self-defence, choose fitness as a lifestyle, and to obtain higher levels in sport.



How to stay safe and defend yourself

Session 1: 4.00PM, 21 September 2019

Session 2: 4.00PM, 22 September 2019

Emily will be assisting Beverly Aisha Roach, a high-risk security expert and self-defence instructor in this workshop.

Beverly will be presenting an introduction to women’s self-defence based on the Street-Smart Self-Defence Program and Gracie Women Empowered. She is an instructor of both programs and looks forward to introducing attendees to methods on how to manage contact with a stranger, verbal self-defence, grip releases, choke defences, and more!

This workshop will focus on practical security measures to mitigate issues faced by women. Beverly conducts this seminar as part of a day-long program that she has taught in locations around the world from Paris and Marseilles, to Almaty and Dushanbe, Islamabad and Kabul. In a safe and fun environment, she will show you that you CAN do it.

The workshop will also include a discussion on how to find an appropriate program for yourself and what to look for in a self-defence program.

Read more about Beverly here.



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The Asian MMA Podcast, by Dana Blouin (host and executive producer) & Emily Barner (assistant producer)