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It’s how you handle situations on the road that determines what kind of traveller you are (Pic credit: Getty Images via Yahoo! Travel)

We all definitely know one person (be it a close friend or a mere social media acquaintance) who seems to be a ‘highly succesful’ traveller. Ever so frequently, they go on worldly adventures and return sharing their experience either in picture form on Facebook or Instagram or in lengthy blog entries. Sure, they may have hit a few bumps on the road, but the entire trip didn’t falter because of a few little mishaps. How do they still make it all seem so effortless?

According to Birttany Jones Cooper, editor at Yahoo! Travel, “It’s the handling of these moments that separates successful travellers from people who simply take trips“.

To achieve this level of ‘travel success’, one needs to be completely connected to the adventure they’re about to embark on. To be one with your travels, Jones Cooper suggests mastering these few skills:


All seasoned travellers have at least a blueprint of how they want their trip to go. They’ve researched transportation systems, they know the distance to and from surrounding cities, and they’ve reached out to friends of friends of friends to get the inside scoop on the best places to eat, sleep, and play. There is no rigidity in their planning, no strict itinerary for their trip, just a confident knowledge of where they’re headed.


There are so many wonderful things about a city or country that you simply can’t find in a guidebook. And no one knows that better than the successful traveller. These people know that in order to get to the heart of a destination, you have to dig a little deeper. They’ll connect with people over social media, make friends with the locals, and strike up conversations with strangers on a train platform. If there is a hidden gem in a city, they’ll find it way before the average traveller.

Practicing spontaneity

There is always a good reason not to take a trip. Whether it’s money, work, or family obligations, it’s understandable why people get stressed when it comes to planning a vacation. But the highly successful traveller knows that whether you’re going around the world or upstate for a weekend, embracing spontaneity is what makes a trip truly unforgettable. Sometimes you just have to book it and see what happens.

While they’re on a trip, highly successful travellers also embrace the uncertainty that comes with trying new foods and experiences. ‘YOLO’ isn’t just a saying to them, it’s a practice.

Writing things down

You might think you can remember every amazing detail of a trip, but as time goes on, memories start to fade. Highly successful travellers always keep a notebook and pen nearby. They know that in addition to documenting their adventures, writing down experiences often makes you think about the bigger picture. Writing is the only thing that really gives you the opportunity to reflect on the world and your place in it. <cont.>

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