3 Practical Tips To Make Business Travel Less Miserable

Business travel most of the time would seem like a drag – short, packed schedules can really tire one out. But not David Lavenda who, having had to travel for work too many times over the years, has managed to make this task a lot less agonising. The key is to just plan appropriately.

Breaking it down into three parts, Lavenda shares his tips on how to plan for that upcoming work trip:

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Before you go

One way to prepare is to pack for today’s overhead-bin reality. 

A better strategy is to take two more equal-sized bags. One should be the maximum size that will fit under the seat and the other should be flexible so it can fit into any odd space available between roller bags in the overhead bin.

At the same time, you’ll save on those steep airport baggage chargers and save time by skipping the baggage pick-up after touchdown.

At the airport

Create an on-boarding routine. It never hurts to be prepared.

Organise all your reading material in a separate bag (within your carry-on) before you get on the plane. When you reach your seat, take the bag out and put the carry-on away.

You do not want to hold up the line of eager passengers waiting to be seated while you rummage through your carry-on for your things. It also lessens the number of times you have to have to bug the person sitting next to you to make way.

On the trip

If you’re not the kind of person who reads or likes doing much on the flight, try and develop a routine for sleeping and eating.

Eat before you get on the plane to maximise the amount of time you can sleep, particularly for red-eye flights. 

 Source: Fast Money
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