3 Tips To Make Flying Coach (Sort Of) Feel Like First Class

Ever sat in your cramped 21-inch wide coach seat and looked ahead, envying the people in their 40-inch wide seats behind the curtain? Well, you don’t have to feel this way anymore (kind of). Matt Hranek of Condé Nast Traveler has some good ideas on how to class-up your little coach space.

1. Plan your meals

In the big seats, food is a plus in terms of convenience; but most of the time, it’s nothing to write home about. Bring your own food for a long flight—especially snacks. You can find exceptional options now in most hub airports. I always bring nuts, dried fruit, or some good jerky (Taste NY shops at LaGuardia and JFK airports have a terrific variety of New York State–made jerky). A salad is a solid choice for your main course. If you must bring a sandwich—which some people prefer, as they’re easy to eat in cramped spaces—steer clear of burgers, burritos, and fried stuff. You’re not doing you or your fellow passengers any favors by eating that during a flight.

2. Treat yourself (to some booze)

Most pro travelers—and their doctors—don’t recommend tons of alcohol when in the air (there’s the whole issue of dehydration), but a drink or two can help you relax and unwind. Airlines frown upon passengers bringing their own libations on board (and it’s technically illegal, per the FAA), so suck it up and buy a drink or two—it’s money well spent. Tip: Delta provides a free drink coupon to Sky Priority travelers who check in online and print their boarding passes.

3. Dress up, not down

Presumably you are not a child or in college anymore, so stop boarding the plane looking like you’re on your way to a slumber party. Cashmere is a comfortable, elegant way to go; Uniqlo offers solid, affordable options. If a Kanye-inspired look is your thing, Club Monaco and Good Life offer tapered sweatpants—opt for dark colors so you don’t look like you’re heading straight to the gym when you touch down. No flip-flops or Crocs, ever. Always cover your feet with socks, and wear or bring a pair of light slip-ons. Better yet, take a pair of those free slippers from the hotel or spa and chuck them into your carry-on.

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