6 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Traveller Friend

Some cool gift ideas for the traveller friend by Travelettes.net

Christmas is fast approaching and (if you’re anything like us) time is running out for all the shopping you need to get done. If you have a travel addicted loved-one on your list, Travelettes‘ holiday gift guides will give you some great ideas to help with shopping. If not, you could just treat yourself to one of these travel must-haves.

Here are some of the amazing gift ideas on the list:

1. Wooden World Maps

Because a decorated home that allows to dream away can be the best solace when you are not travelling. Check out the above map art here and this smaller alternative here.

2. Camera Straps

Because we want to recognise our camera at first glance and make it look pretty. This strap here can be personalised with your name!

3. Solid Shampoo Bars

Because nothing is more annoying than bulky shampoo bottles that are not allowed in carry-on luggage anyways. Solid Shampoo bars (or soap, body lotion, toothpaste tabs and perfume) are the ideal solution!

4. Scarf or Blanket?

Because we need to cuddle up with something on an overnight busride or lang-haul flight – this one is a scarf and a blanket if needed.

5. Hip Flasks

Because nights out can be expensive – especially on a RTW trip! This flask here shows that you are a devoted traveller. If you don’t need a flask for alcohol, but hot drinks, get a thermos instead!

6. Jewelry

Because we all want it, no matter in which shape it comes – maybe shapes like a US State, or European countries or even Africa?

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