9 traits that show you’re ready to travel solo

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Solo travel is an experience like none other. It lets you discover new cities and places without the distraction of travel companions and schedules. That being said, solo travel is not for everyone.

So how do you know if solo travel is for you?

Abby Yao of Travel 3Sixty has come up with a list of common traits that are found in solo travellers. If you agree with most of the statements, it’s probably time to book that single ticket and explore the world by yourself. Trust us, it’ll be a rewarding experience.

Reading a map isn’t rocket science to you

Maps are your friends. Having one in your pocket or smartphone is comforting. Taking it out in public isn’t your favourite activity, but giving away that you’re new to the place is not a big deal to you.

Your essentials are safely backed up

If there’s one thing you’re sure of, it’s the location of your passport. Also, your contacts are synced and retrievable from virtually anywhere. Lastly, you won’t ever be short of cash because you’re careful with your spending. And in case of emergency you’ve got a credit card, an old-school traveller’s cheque or some extra cash rolled up in a lip balm tube.

Details, details, details

Searching for travel info is your favourite pastime. You know that there’s no point using a JR Rail Pass if you aren’t travelling between several cities in Japan and you are aware that some border areas are best avoided. You also have keen powers of observation, which helps you stay away from trouble.

Approaching people is not your last resort

Talking to strangers does not fill you with dread. Asking for directions? Neither shameful or embarrassing. When taking photos of the locals, you are polite enough to ask for permission. With a smile.

Silence is golden

There will be a lot of waiting in airports, bus terminals and train stations. Fortunately, you can live with your thoughts and don’t need a sounding board 24/7 (a journal will do). You won’t be in agony if you can’t go on social media for a day. And you don’t think eating alone is the saddest thing in the world. <cont.>


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