TripAdvisor launches personalised ‘Just for You’ feature


TripAdvisor has announced the launch of its Just for You feature, providing more personalised hotel recommendations to users based on individual preferences and travel research on the site.

“By virtue of the insights and attributes that we’ve gathered from millions of traveller reviews and opinions, TripAdvisor is uniquely able to match travellers with their ideal hotels,” said Adam Medros, senior vice president, global product, TripAdvisor.

“The new Just for You feature is the evolution of hotel search on TripAdvisor and a natural extension of our ongoing efforts to make every travel-planning experience more helpful and personally relevant for our users.”

When travellers search hotels for a particular destination, they will be presented with a variety of tags allowing them to select their travel preferences, such as travel style, location, price range, hotel class, amenities and brand.

Through the new Just for You feature, TripAdvisor will take this feedback into account along with the traveller’s prior research and contributions on the site to deliver better, more personalised results to help the travellers find a better hotel for their needs and interests.
The Just for You feature provides more personalised hotel recommendations to users based on individual preferences and travel research on the site – Breaking Travel     News

The new feature will be a continually adapting and improving recommendation tool as travellers:

  • Select their travel preference tags on the new Just For You hotel page.
  • Search for hotels and destinations on TripAdvisor.
  • Write a hotel review to share their candid travel experiences.

Just for You is highly adaptive and learns from your favourite hotels and destinations,” said Medros.

“With the new feature, we can not only match a traveller with their preferred type of hotel, but we can suggest the trendy, boutique hotel located downtown with a swimming pool because we know those are the specific hotel characteristics you like.”

Just for You is available on all TripAdvisor-branded sites on desktop and the TripAdvisor mobile website on tablet, with plans to roll the feature out to additional platforms in the future.

– Breaking Travel News

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