Sahar Zaman launches a festive ‘Chamak Patti’ range of home décor & stylish jewellery

H.E. Belgium Ambassador to India, Mr. Jan Lyukx, Mrs. Raka Singh and Sahar Zaman
H.E. Belgium Ambassador to India, Mr. Jan Lyukx, Mrs. Raka Singh and Sahar Zaman at the preview
“Art should never try to be popular. The public should try to make itself artistic.”
~ Oscar Wilde ~

Eminent TV journalist ‎Ms. Sahar Zaman hosted a preview of her exclusive fashion jewellery and home décor products “Chamak Patti” at, Episode in Meher Chand Market. The exhibition was launched by Chief Guest of Honour Mr. Kapil Mishra – Culture Minister, Delhi Government and Special Guest of Honour H.E. Mr. Jan Luykx – Ambassador, Kingdom of Belgium and his wife Mrs. Raka Singh.Several eminent including Raseel Gujral (Entrepreneur /Designer), Tarun Thakral (CEO, Le Meridien), Mr. Shashi Tharoor (MP), Chef Saby, Rob Lynes (Director, British Council), writer William Dalrymple, Santoorist Abhay Sopori, Mngmnt Guru Arindam Choudhury and various other known personalities from the Television Media, Arts community and Politics were present on the occasion.

“Chamak Patti” means happiness, a product line that invokes emotions, designed by Sahar specifically with the idea of spreading joy, for instance to match cheerful bright coloured cook ‘n’ serve pots with dinner sets and inspire joy in the kitchen, in accordance with Sahar’s call to…“Let’s make our homes an inspirational creative space!” – a motivating “mantra” for creating the ‘Chamak Patti’ home décor range.

At the launch and on going exhibition, Sahar Zaman presents a beautiful repertoire of her creations, namely an extended, attractive and exclusive range of jewellery including exotic neckpieces, earrings, wristbands and jewellery boxes, also handbags in leather. In the home décor segment primarily, utility objet d’art including wine glasses, beer mugs, copper goblets, serving bowls, water jugs, serving trays and glass bottles, priced in the range Rs.2,500/- to Rs.8,000/-.

Chamak Patti copper goblet and C-curve platter
Chamak Patti copper goblet and C-curve platter

Broadly, on the “Chamak Patti”, jewellery line Sahar says, “There’s always a “Chamak Patti” necklace to match any occasion day wear, or style studded, evening when the aspiration is to stand out with chic style”. The most suitable group-dress, with say a scintillating anklet, beautifully hand crafted to give an assured ring of funky style and unique effervescence, priced at Rs.2,000/- and above. Sahar’s extended home décor line, presents object d’art including a spectacular range of trunks, chocolate bowls, candy jars and aesthetic, attractive pieces to fit and enhance table tops, wooden furniture, cabinets walls and more, priced at Rs.8,000/- and above. All designed to enhance the style quotient in living.

Sahar Zaman’s easy on ground, breaking artistic explorations, as India’s leading Political Newscaster, Art Journalist, Curator, Designer and Creative Entrepreneur, are dominated with an intrinsic “style” that has always preceded other considerations. Sahar’s creative juices received inspiration as a true artist does, from the apparent mundane and the creation of “Chamak Patti” reflective stickers, that enhance the visage of speeding trucks and road safety signages that glow in the dark. Sahar’s avant garde sensibility expressed in the “Chamak Patti” creations of exotic jewellery and home décor products, rest on the use of these reflective stickers in a unique, charming style.

At “Chamak Patti”, Sahar works with sheets of reflective sticker which are tediously hand cut by her and used in patterns of her design. The venture started with Sahar decorating storage trunks with these stickers. But she got a positive response from her family and friends, which in turn extend to table tops, wall installation, wooden furniture, jewelery, glass bottles and other homeware into various hues and shapes and exquisite patterns born out of her mind’s eye, transferring them on to mediums with smooth surfaces, such as glass, wood, metal, walls and acrylic sheets. Invariably dull corners and other spaces enjoying a relevant vibrancy, such as bowls, trays and wine glasses.

The products created and designed by her, enjoy pride of place at prestigious public places like the HTT (Heritage Transport Museum), India’s first international transport museum in Manesar. The work at the museum is a 20 feet by 22 feet metal shutter. Her works adorn the homes of India’s well known and have been praised by international designers such as Marcel Wanders and Fabio Novembre. She participated with the display of a “Chamak Patti” wall installation at the India Design fair 2013, where Novembre said, “Your works are happy and confident.” Pinakin Patel added, “Chamak Patti is gorgeous and it deserves to be taken to the next level.”

Sahar’s natural disposition towards style contributed to her nomination to the LimeRoad Style Council as a style icon.

Says Sahar, “My brand ‘Chamak Patti’ is an alchemy of all that I have experienced in my 14 odd years, spent in two diametrically opposite worlds of political news journalism and the arts.” She elaborates, “Luxury brands are viewed by consumers as one including a range of products that comprise associations, about a high level of price, quality, aesthetics, rarity and extraordinariness and in that, my ‘Chamak Patti’ is a luxury brand. This brand has a mind and style of its own and an inherent element of surprise, that prepares to savour the joy of ‘expecting the unexpected,’ and in that keeping the essence of the ‘Chamak Patti’ brand vibrant and alive.”

Each piece she creates is unique and exclusive, where every ‘Chamak Patti’ owner enjoys the distinction of ownership of an exclusive work of art, not bought by anyone or repeated for anyone else.

Sahar is grateful to Episode for offering their space, Vista Prints for supporting with Printing Space, The Sunday Guardian for supporting as Media Partner, Aureo for supporting as Food Partner and HUNAR TV as Web Partner with support from Mahe Creations Ltd and

The beauty of Sahar Zaman’s aesthetically designed but undeniably endearing “Chamak Patti” range enjoys response in Matt Groening’s utterance, “Living creatively is really important to maintain throughout your life. And living creatively doesn’t mean only artistic creativity, although that’s part of it. It means being yourself, not just complying with the wishes of other people” and in that besides satisfying Sahar’s personal aspiration it also satiates that of a typical “Chamak Patti” woman, who is clearly stylish and earthy, believing in enjoying balance and exuberance in life.

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