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How To Travel Like A Pro

By , 3 December 2014

That may sound like an unfortunate title since professional escorts at the top of their game are known to jet round the world to service their clients.

Playing It Safe On The Road: 6 Tips For Women Business Travellers

By , 2 December 2014

As modern as the times are, women still encounter safety-related issues that would not be faced by our male counterparts.

Take It Or Trash It? The Real Deal With 3 Common Travel Upgrades

By , 26 November 2014

While some travel perks may be practical to get, many are just ways to get you to unnecessarily spend more money.

Travelling With A Child In Kuala Lumpur? Fret No More!

By , 20 November 2014

Traveling with a child is often a daunting task. It’s more than just looking for the right activities that your kids can partake in, or whether the restaurants serve up nutritious yet delicious – ...

What You Should Really Know About Kuala Lumpur

By , 19 November 2014

Depending on where you’re coming from, Kuala Lumpur (always called KL by the locals) is either orderly or chaotic. Those coming from neighbouring countries marvel at our ‘orderliness’; the fact ...

Book Like A Pro: 15 Tips For A Better MyTeksi Experience

By , 18 November 2014

Having a stroll along the sidewalk can sometimes be an unpleasant experience in KL - you’re exposed to the hot sun, threatening puddles, cat calling and pathways that just disappear. If you’re tra...

Touching Down At KLIA2: All You Need To Know

By , 10 November 2014

Landing in KLIA2, I’m greeted by the welcome sight of the lavatories with payphones next to them. Cleanliness of the toilets was average and the cubicles were spacious enough to accommodate someone ...

4 Safety Tips Every Solo Woman Traveller Needs To Remember

By , 31 October 2014

Solo travel or not, sometimes it really is just common sense to exercise some caution.

Couchsurfing: 5 Essential Tips

By , 30 October 2014

At first, I was skeptical about Couchsurfing. That was until I needed to plan my trip to Brazil as a FIFA World Cup volunteer. I had to plan my trip wisely as FIFA provided neither accommodation nor f...

6 Ways To Keep The Creeps At Bay When Travelling

By , 21 October 2014

Being women, travelling alone most of the time makes us easier targets to these flirty assailants.