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Travelling With Toiletries: A Quick Guide To Packing Smart

By , 6 April 2015

When it comes to creature comforts, I would list toiletries as essential companions wherever I go.

The Most Important Thing To Pack As A Single Female Traveller

By , 3 April 2015

No Miss Nice or Miss Trusting when you are in a foreign land alone. If you have been known to be an overly trusting person, stop that. If you are a helpless naive, maybe solo travel isn’t for you.

Finding Peace Of Mind On Long Train Journeys

By , 27 March 2015

Nothing gets my pulse racing faster than the sound of a train whistle. I may not know where the train is headed, but knowing that it’s nearby and about to leave soon for wherever gets me excited.

How To Cope When You’re Afraid To Fly

By , 23 March 2015

When you think about it, it makes sense people are far more afraid of being in an aircraft than say, driving a car.

Missing Your Luggage? Here’s What You Need To Do

By , 10 March 2015

If you're a frequent flyer and have never had to go through the inconvenience of dealing with lost luggage, lucky you!

6 Reasons Why Travelling Is The Best Education You Can Get

By , 6 March 2015

There is a reason why travellers never want to stop travelling. It’s the same reason why college kids go on Gap Years and why frustrated working adults quit their jobs and spend all their savings on...

These Travel Cards Help You Communicate Easier & Quicker When Travelling

By , 16 February 2015

Sometimes it's difficult to communicate when we're travelling and we don't speak the local language. How do we ask where the toilet is? How do we order

Tips You Should Know Before Visiting Japan

By , 5 February 2015

As much as we would like to show up in a foreign country and discover it as we go, Japan is not a place to just wing it. While the country is naturally beautiful with a unique culture, dealing with th...

3 Tips To Make Flying Coach (Sort Of) Feel Like First Class

By , 21 January 2015

Ever sat in your cramped 21-inch wide coach seat and looked ahead, envying the people in their 40-inch wide seats behind the curtain?

4 Tips On How To Save Money To Travel

By , 15 January 2015

Saving up money for a big trip can, most of the time, be a challenge, yet somehow we see people pulling it off.