Scams To Watch Out For In Bangkok

By , 19 November 2015

Travelling to a new city can be very intimidating. You don’t know the language, customs, or culture. As you start to prepare for a trip, you inevitably...

Tips For Staying Healthy While Travelling In Asia

By , 18 November 2015

Travelling can be the best teacher you’d get in life. GaMei Chin shares valuable tips and lessons learnt on staying healthy while travelling in India...

What You Must Try And Should Know When In Delhi, India

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While Delhi offers plenty of options to dig into a more Western experience (think wine bars, coffee and tea chains, continental cafes and restaurants...

Tips For Women Travelling To Beijing For Work

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Beijing may be a central hub in Asia for a number of international corporations, and because of that, each year more and more people are calling it home.

Hidden Gems | A Shopping Treasure Trove In Petaling Jaya

By , 13 November 2015

On a stretch of non-descript shops about three minutes’ walk from Encorp Strand Mall in Petaling Jaya’s Kota Damansara area, one boutique stands...

The Best Places To Pamper Yourself In Bangkok

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One of the most sought after experiences for any traveler to Bangkok is a proper Thai massage. Spas and massage parlours pepper the streets of...

A Guide To Hauz Khas Village: The District Delhi Is Most Proud Of

By , 11 November 2015

As with all urban villages, the hipsters got here first. Then came everyone else, and it got too crowded to be cool. Then some people left. And the ones who truly love it for what it is stayed on and ...

How You Can Make The Most Out Of Bangkok

By , 10 November 2015

I am from London and have been living in Bangkok for two and a half years. I have worked in CSR (corporate social responsibility) and community...

An Essential Beginner’s Guide To Traditional Saree Shopping In Kuala Lumpur

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Diwali, or Deepavali as it is also more commonly known in Malaysia, is one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture and for Hindus the world over...

Beating Jet Lag: When Your Mind And Body Can’t Agree On The Time

By , 6 November 2015

This year has been extraordinary for me in that I’ve made so many long-distance time-zone crossing trips over very short periods of time, both planned and unplanned. While generally I enjoy long pla...