Must-Try Experiences & Activities In Bangkok, Thailand

By , 1 December 2015

Julia Mayerhofer shares her own personal stories and tips about living in Bangkok and her favourite things to do in the city.

Getting around Bangkok: BTS, tuk tuks, taxis and more

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A good guide for visitors to Bangkok who want to make the most of their time around the city, while spending the least amount of it in traffic.

City Cycling: What You Need To Know About Exploring Kuala Lumpur On A Bicycle

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Exploring Kuala Lumpur by bicycle is great hassle-free way to discover the city. Here are some ideas on how to plan a day of cycling in the capital.

Join The #16Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

By , 27 November 2015

Be part of #16Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence - a campaign aimed to raise global awareness on the violence endured by women worldwide.

Contest: ‘Beijing In 5 Days’ Travelogue-Comic Giveaway!

By , 26 November 2015

We’ve got two copies of Mimi Mashud’s awesome ‘Beijing in 5 Days’ travelogue-comic book and we want you to have them, for FREE!

Unique Places To Stay At When Travelling Through Vietnam

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If you're heading over to Vietnam and looking for unique stays, Creative Boom has compiled a list of the most unusual and we highlight three of them here.

How To Discover Travel Differently, With Mimi Mashud’s Beautiful Hand-Drawn Travelogues

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From winning a drawing competition to her recent publishing efforts, Mimi Mashud spoke to us about her journey as an artist and traveller.

The Best Places To Shop For Spices In Kuala Lumpur

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Sapna Anand gives us a quick guide to the best places to shop for spices in Kuala Lumpur, and tips us off on the best ways to select and store them.

Letting your hair down: The best and safest bars for women in Delhi, India

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Because, you know, there are days when you just have to kick off those heels and have a good time. I love this list from Little Black Book about where women...

Single In The City: The Problem With Women Dining Alone In Delhi

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This happened not so long ago: After rushing to the airport, being invariably running late despite the most meticulous planning, I went through...