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By , 4 April 2016

An expert's guide to riding taxis safely in Bali.

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18 Gorgeous Photos Of Holi That Will Make You Want To Go To India

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Anita Ahmad: I Survived A Bombing In Iraq And Had To Prove To Arabs I’m Muslim

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In our very first Zafigo Partner Blogger series, we meet a traveller whose off-the-beaten-path experience includes being shouted at by rebel group leaders.

How A Cycling Tour Made Me Realise Everything I Knew About Bangkok Was Wrong

By , 31 March 2016

When I heard about the opportunity to go biking in Bangkok to check out the countryside, I was intrigued, yet sceptical; Bangkok in no way screams ‘rural’.

The Differences Between Celebrating Holi In India And Malaysia

By ,, 31 March 2016

Two girls, a regular and a first-timer to the Holi festival, share their thoughts and sentiments on the vibrant event that marks the beginning of spring.

Your Essential Guide To 12 Great Co-Working Spaces In Kuala Lumpur

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Out and about, but need to get work done at the same time? Rent a spot at these convenient, affordable serviced offices in Kuala Lumpur.

Did Your City Make It To TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Travel Destination Of 2016?

By , 29 March 2016

Last year, Marrakech held on the to the number 1 spot, this year however, moving down two spots to the third position.

Meet The Women Who Wear Mud For Makeup, Petrol For Perfume

By , 28 March 2016

The vroom of a bike should never be restricted by gender, and an all-women biker group in India is blazing the trail.

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