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Travelling The World At 74

By , 13 June 2019

There are two types of people in the world; those who are too lazy to climb up a flight of stairs and those who are willing to travel for 40 hours to explore a different continent. Hermandari Kartowis...

A Woman Traveller’s Worst Nightmare: What I Did To Overcome It

By , 10 June 2019

Many of us have heard of the danger that sometimes comes with travelling. We see it in the news; our loved ones remind us to take care of ourselves. But the thing with terror is that it has no specifi...

Creating Opportunities For Women In Travel

By , 16 May 2019

Adrienne Lee is a consultant for Tourism Cares who spoke on career opportunities the tourism industry provides for women, the lengths independent organisations go to provide transferrable skills, and ...

Where We’d Travel To With Our Mothers

By , 12 May 2019

Travelling with the people we love allows us to create more memories with them and to learn new things about them. This Mother’s Day, #teamZafigo shares destinations that we’d love to travel to wi...

Finding Optimism Through Solo Travelling

By , 11 May 2019

Himadri Garg and her sister wanted to experience life beyond the patriarchal lens, and they believed their home country of India was the perfect place to start.