Occasionally referred to as a hobo, Petrina happily sleeps on cardboard boxes at petrol stations, digs through bins for food, and can go without showering for days, when necessary. She has terrible sense of direction but believes that getting lost can be pretty fun too.

Letters From Latin America: Valparaíso, Chile

By , 1 September 2019

While we were still in Elqui Valley, unsure about what to do or where to go next, Rodrigo, mentioned he was going to drop by a beach somewhere on the way back to Santiago. So we (just barely) bundled ...

Letters From Latin America: Elqui Valley, Chile

By , 27 August 2019

Judging by how my days in the Elqui Valley started, I would never have guessed it would be ending on such a good note. I was here to catch the total solar eclipse. This was the best place to see it.

Letters From Latin America: Puerto Octay, Chile

By , 6 August 2019

It appears that I feel none the wiser when faced with a precarious situation. I asked myself how I would handle things differently based on past experiences. Would I be wiser this time around?

Letters From Latin America: Confluencia, Argentina (Part 2)

By , 16 July 2019

The days pass really slowly. We wake up much later now and it’s much too cold to get any work done outside before noon. I guess when there’s no reason to rush about, time chills out with you too.

Letters From Latin America: Confluencia, Argentina (Part 1)

By , 10 July 2019

It’s only my fourth day on this middle of nowhere land with no electricity and no phone signal (not that I have data anyway), and I’ve already been left to my own means. No one else is here.

Letters From Latin America: San Martin, Argentina

By , 14 June 2019

After a 26-hour bus ride from Córdoba, I arrived at the tail end of the Easter holidays, to a fully booked guesthouse. That was the first and last I saw of guests.

Letters From Latin America: Cordoba, Argentina

By , 23 May 2019

It all started with my brilliant plan to come to Córdoba, Argentina. I got so pumped thinking about being in civilisation but when it came time to start my 1,220+ kilometre hitchhiking journey, I pan...

Letters From Latin America: Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay

By , 17 April 2019

I took up a month-long Workaway job at a hostel in Punta del Diablo, a tiny fishing village that got touristy after getting a shoutout on the Lonely Planet. I only ventured out once and I went by foot...

Letters From Latin America: Valizas, Uruguay

By , 8 April 2019

You’d think I’d have gotten used to trading my comforts for the unknown...

5 Amazing Firsts While Hitchhiking From Sweden To Malaysia

By , 21 November 2016

Petrina Thong shares a few experiences which left her feeling amazed and grateful during her cross-continent hitchhiking adventure.