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Mei Mei writes to afford her wanderlust. Her (mis)adventures as a solo female backpacker have shown her the best and worst in mankind, and some of the funkiest toilets in the world. Read her honest travel stories at www.meimeichu.com.

7 Tips To Make Travelling In Any Country Where Language Is A Problem Easier

By , 22 April 2015

Yes, language barrier can be daunting, but sometimes it’s better to be lost in translation than sitting at home admiring at your friend’s travel photos on Facebook.

Top 10 Safest Cities To Travel In 2015

By , 15 April 2015

These countries may be a tad bit pricier than your third-world favourites, but you can never put a price on safety.

The Most Important Thing To Pack As A Single Female Traveller

By , 3 April 2015

No Miss Nice or Miss Trusting when you are in a foreign land alone. If you have been known to be an overly trusting person, stop that. If you are a helpless naive, maybe solo travel isn’t for you.

23 Curious Things To Notice When Travelling In Egypt

By , 20 March 2015

An honest observation of Egypt, from fresh Malaysian eyes.

6 Reasons Why Travelling Is The Best Education You Can Get

By , 6 March 2015

There is a reason why travellers never want to stop travelling. It’s the same reason why college kids go on Gap Years and why frustrated working adults quit their jobs and spend all their savings on...

Is Sri Lanka Safe For The Single Woman Traveller?

By , 11 February 2015

They say travelling in Sri Lanka is the safer, easier version of risky India. Camilla, a Brazilian girl whom I met one night in this little island ferociously nodded at how true this statement was as ...