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As a homebody, Maggie likes spending her week-nights and weekends curled up on the couch with her furbabies, catching up on her favourite TV shows, all while sipping on a nice warm cup of green tea.

12 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Airports

By , 23 July 2015

Airports have changed and evolved over the years from being mere transportation hubs into lively, strategically planned retail centres, that

Stop Asking People How They Afford To Travel

By , 20 July 2015

How do you afford to travel? Ask any travelller this and you will get a hundred and one answers, some offering tips such as look for the best deals or start.

The 10 Must-See Places In Bangkok

By , 16 July 2015

If it's your first time in Bangkok, you'd best not miss out on the best of the best this Thai capital has to offer. From temples to floating markets, the world's most visited city's list of attraction...

9 traits that show you’re ready to travel solo

By , 13 July 2015

Solo travel is an experience like none other. It lets you discover new cities and places without the distraction of travel companions and schedules. That being said, solo travel is not for everyone.

10 Ramadan Bazaars In Kuala Lumpur To Visit

By , 9 July 2015

Every year during Ramadan, you can expect no shortage of exciting street food bazaars in Kuala Lumpur with a plethora of yummy delicacies available...

10 unconventional ways to deal with fear of flying

By , 6 July 2015

Love travel but hate flying? You're not the only one. Fear of flying is a common phobia among air travellers. The good news is there are many methods and...

Born in Malaysia – One man’s journey rediscovering his home

By , 2 July 2015

What would you do if, after spending many years abroad, you returned to your home country only to find it much different from how you remembered it...

Travel Essentials: Your Health Kit Checklist

By , 25 June 2015

Travelling abroad? Whether you're headed for a two-month long trip or a three-day getaway, travellers should always take precautionary measures

21 game-changing hacks for all travellers

By , 18 June 2015

Travel does not have to be complicated but sometimes even the most seasoned jetsetter can't avoid the hassles and annoyances of frequent travel. Making things simple for everyone (including us!), Hass...

Protected: Uploading Guide: Title In Letter Case

By , 15 June 2015

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