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As a homebody, Maggie likes spending her week-nights and weekends curled up on the couch with her furbabies, catching up on her favourite TV shows, all while sipping on a nice warm cup of green tea.

AFTERWARDS – Estée Lauder’s new book encourages women to talk about breast cancer

By , 12 October 2015

Earlier this month, in conjunction with this year's Breast Cancer Awareness month, Estée Lauder Companies UK has launched AFTERWARDS: Reflections...

Cheap Eats In Hong Kong

By , 28 September 2015

While many of us love travelling to new cities, not everyone can afford to enjoy dining at the best and most popular restaurants due to budget constraints. So we opt to dine at places that won't put a...

The Best Way To Pack A Suitcase

By , 24 September 2015

Packing for a trip, whether for work or leisure, can be daunting - there's so much you want to take with you, so much you feel you shouldn't forget...

People Who Spend Money On Experiences Are Happier

By , 21 September 2015

There are many things we spend money on that can make us happy; homes, cars, clothing, gadgets, etc. Obtaining these things will bring satisfaction to one's life, but according to Mike Oppland, this h...

Travelling to India for the first time

By , 17 September 2015

Heading to India for the first time and not sure what to expect? Travelette Kathi recently made the trip to India with her best friend in tow and explored...

‘Tanahair Ku’ – A time lapse video highlighting the beauty of Malaysia

By , 14 September 2015

Many first-time travellers to Malaysia may only be familiar with Kuala Lumpur and Penang, but there's so much more to Malaysia than tall buildings and food. Four years ago, Malaysian photographer FwuK...

ArtScience Museum presents the ‘Art and Science of Sustainability’

By , 10 September 2015

ArtScience Museum will be casting the spotlight on the Art and Science of Sustainability in the entire month of October, as it kicks off a season of eco-themed exhibitions and programmes.

3 Cafes To Get Work Done From In Tokyo

By , 10 September 2015

Finding a good place to settle down and take out your laptop to start working can be a daunting task in a different country.

6 places you can travel to with a weak Ringgit

By , 7 September 2015

With the local currency performing at its worst in years, many Malaysians are either postponing or cancelling their travel plans until the Ringgit rises aga...

5 Water Wonders Worth Travelling For

By , 3 September 2015

Some of the most amazing scenery in the world consists of water. Whether rivers, waterfalls or man-made waterworks, there's something about...