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As a homebody, Maggie likes spending her week-nights and weekends curled up on the couch with her furbabies, catching up on her favourite TV shows, all while sipping on a nice warm cup of green tea.

Take It Or Trash It? The Real Deal With 3 Common Travel Upgrades

By , 26 November 2014

While some travel perks may be practical to get, many are just ways to get you to unnecessarily spend more money.

Stand A Chance To Win A Beach Getaway For 2 From Flight001 Malaysia!

By , 19 November 2014

If you have been longing for a Malaysian beach holiday, Flight001 Malaysia has just what you need!

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2014

By , 11 November 2014

While it may be on your bucket list, some cities are best to be avoided.

4 Safety Tips Every Solo Woman Traveller Needs To Remember

By , 31 October 2014

Solo travel or not, sometimes it really is just common sense to exercise some caution.

3 Things You Don’t Always Have To Do When Travelling

By , 29 October 2014

I have been guilty of over-planning almost all of my past vacations - cramming up way too many touristy activities into one tiresome blur. After spending weeks

6 Ways To Keep The Creeps At Bay When Travelling

By , 21 October 2014

Being women, travelling alone most of the time makes us easier targets to these flirty assailants.

Photogenic Malaysia: 5 Popular Spots For That Picture Perfect Travel Shot

By , 9 October 2014

And tips on how and when to photograph these places!

The Best Way To Carry & Handle Money When Overseas

By , 7 October 2014

With new technologies and inter-bank competition, accessing your funds while travelling has never been simpler.

3 Practical Tips To Make Business Travel Less Miserable

By , 6 October 2014

Business travel most of the time would seem like a drag, and short, packed schedules can really tire one out.