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As a homebody, Maggie likes spending her week-nights and weekends curled up on the couch with her furbabies, catching up on her favourite TV shows, all while sipping on a nice warm cup of green tea.

5 Asian Countries That Need To Be On Your Bucket List

By , 8 June 2015

Asia is home to many beautiful countries that are rich in culture and history.

Tips To Consider When Booking Flights

By , 25 May 2015

Follow these tips from World of Wanderlust and you'll never be broke before your trip again!

How travel helps you let go

By , 20 May 2015

Travel takes us out of our comfort zone. We sometimes, somehow, end up doing things we never thought we'd do, ever. Like bathing in the Ganges or skydiving. Or maybe learning a new language.

The best tips for a fitter holiday

By , 11 May 2015

When we travel, there's a huge possibility that our normal fitness routines will be put on hold; our daily schedules change and even the everyday food that we are accustomed to will be different - for...

Tips For Safe Eating While Travelling

By , 5 May 2015

Sampling the local food is a highlight for many travellers, but while the mind may be game, your body will not always be cooperative. Afterall, it is your belly that will be in distress after consumin...

What NOT to do when exiting a plane

By , 27 April 2015

The moment the plane lands, I admit, I am the first to click off my seat belt and stand at my seat, eagerly awaiting the stewardess to open the carrier door for everyone to unboard. While this eagerne...

Getting By Without Foreign Language Skills

By , 23 April 2015

It can get intimidating being in a foreign place with no one speaking the same language as you. But it shouldn't hinder you from wanting to see the world.

The most expensive cities for business travellers

By , 21 April 2015

Travelling can sometimes get really expensive. Especially in the case of business travellers who are more concerned with travelling at convenience and making good time.

Traits of highly successful travellers

By , 16 April 2015

It's how you handle situations on the road that determines what kind of traveller you are.

You Need To Experience These Cultural Festivals In Asia At Least Once

By , 7 April 2015

Cultural festivals in Asia vary from country to country but they all have one thing in common: they're big and a lot of fun!