Leia is neither a princess nor a fan of Star Wars (which she hopes isn’t a deal breaker). Besides her consuming passion for writing and travelling, humanitarian works have always interested her. Standing true to her life motto “To give is to receive”, Leia believes true happiness is gained when it is shared. She dreams to retire in a cottage at the foothills of the Swiss mountains with her mother and become a florist.

Ahoy, Friends! It’s The One Where They Went On A Cruise

By , 15 June 2021

Could we be any more excited? Probably if it turns out the cast will be hopping aboard this Friends-themed cruise that’s set to sail next year.

In Talks: Malaysia-Singapore Travel Restrictions To Be Lifted

By , 14 June 2021

As soon as the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia shows stable improvement, both nations are keen and ready to revive free travel between us and Singapore.

Tinder vs. Bumble: Which Is The Better Online Dating App For Women?

By , 14 June 2021

Having used these apps ourselves, we weigh out which online dating service is safer and places decision-making into a woman’s hands.

Live Anywhere On Airbnb For a Year For Free!

By , 11 June 2021

Airbnb offers a golden opportunity for 12 lucky people to travel and live any destination of choice with free accommodation plus transportation allowance.

Read This Before You Plan Your Next Vacay

By , 10 June 2021

With the world opening up, it’s time to (finally) plan your next vacay. But with travel leaving such huge carbon footprints, Agoda has some sustainable measures you can take on your next holiday.

Jet, Set, Go: The Return Of Supersonic Flights

By , 9 June 2021

Boom Supersonic is building on the Concorde’s legacy of supersonic flights with more efficient and sustainable technology. Expect to fly at twice the speed of sound by 2029!

Jeff Bezos: Taking Travel To New Heights – Outer Space!

By , 8 June 2021

Bezos, his brother, and another passenger will go where no man has gone before and sail into space on Blue Origin’s first human spacecraft on 20 July.

Dating In Space, Calls For Faster Vaccination Rollout, Europe Reopens Borders This Summer, & More

By , 4 June 2021

Travel news you may have missed this week. Read up on this out-of-this-world dating idea, hear calls for a quicker vaccine rollout, and find out why holidays in Australia remain no bueno.