Jay has travelled and lived extensively in Asia and Africa. Part gypsy, part nomad and part mermaid, she aspires each day to satisfy her wanderlust in any way possible.

Clearing The Earth After A Quake

By , 30 May 2018

Many places advised that ‘volunteers with little or no skills’ should not flock to Nepal to help as they might be more of a hindrance and use up precious resources.

The Meaning Of Prayer Flags In Nepal

By , 25 May 2018

Did you know that there are prayers, mantras and symbols are printed on the flags hung in Nepal? Here's the low-down on the beautiful pieces of cloth.

Kite Surfing On An Empty Beach In Palawan, Philippines

By , 18 May 2018

I got caught up in the excitement, as I saw people speeding along the waves with perfect control, jumping and turning as if it’s the most natural thing on earth.

How To Take The Plunge Into Scuba Diving

By , 5 March 2018

Transforming from tadpole to mermaid? Here are a few hints and tips for you ladies taking the plunge into scuba diving.

5 Non-Spiritual Lessons I Learned In Nepal

By , 28 February 2018

"A part of me has always wanted to be able to tell people I’ve been to Kathmandu."