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Amy is addicted to books and travel, which fits perfectly into her BKK NGO-employee lifestyle. She likes relaxing in a café with a book just as much as she likes exploring a new city, meaning she's perpetually happy on vacation but easily distracted the rest of the time.

Waking Up To Wellness In Bangkok

By , 12 February 2016

Whatever situation, you'll appreciate this breakdown of best-known wellness retreats available.

Advice For Travelling Kathmandu After The Earthquake

By , 29 January 2016

After the April 2015 earthquake, Nepal has resiliently begun the long process of recovery.

Mutita Chuachang recognised for ‘fearless journalism’

By , 21 January 2016

AFP awarded the 2015 Kate Webb Prize to Thai investigative journalist Mutita Chauchang of Prachathai...

5 Beautiful Brunch Places In Bangkok

By , 7 January 2016

With a variety of cafes and hotel restaurants offering a wide selection of breakfast dishes, brunche...

A Guide To Shopping At Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall

By , 24 December 2015

Platinum Fashion Mall is one of the best places to buy inexpensive fashion products, especially if y...

Top 10 Tips For Women Business Travellers In Beirut

By , 9 December 2015

Amy shares her tips on staying safe, conducting business, and having fun after work in Beirut, Leban...

Getting around Bangkok: BTS, tuk tuks, taxis and more

By , 30 November 2015

A good guide for visitors to Bangkok who want to make the most of their time around the city, while ...

Scams To Watch Out For In Bangkok

By , 19 November 2015

Travelling to a new city can be very intimidating. You don’t know the language, customs, or cultur...

The Best Places To Pamper Yourself In Bangkok

By , 12 November 2015

One of the most sought after experiences for any traveler to Bangkok is a proper Thai massage. Spas ...

50 new reasons to love Bangkok

By , 26 October 2015

In the aftermath one of the largest tragedies in recent Bangkok history, it can be difficult to unde...