Amy is addicted to books and travel, which fits perfectly into her BKK NGO-employee lifestyle. She likes relaxing in a café with a book just as much as she likes exploring a new city, meaning she's perpetually happy on vacation but easily distracted the rest of the time.

Waking Up To Wellness In Bangkok

By , 12 February 2016

Whatever situation, you'll appreciate this breakdown of best-known wellness retreats available.

Advice For Travelling Kathmandu After The Earthquake

By , 29 January 2016

After the April 2015 earthquake, Nepal has resiliently begun the long process of recovery.

Mutita Chuachang recognised for ‘fearless journalism’

By , 21 January 2016

AFP awarded the 2015 Kate Webb Prize to Thai investigative journalist Mutita Chauchang of Prachathai.

5 Beautiful Brunch Places In Bangkok

By , 7 January 2016

With a variety of cafes and hotel restaurants offering a wide selection of breakfast dishes, brunchers have many great options to select from.

A Guide To Shopping At Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall

By , 24 December 2015

Platinum Fashion Mall is one of the best places to buy inexpensive fashion products, especially if you’re a vendor looking to purchase in bulk.

Top 10 Tips For Women Business Travellers In Beirut

By , 9 December 2015

Amy shares her tips on staying safe, conducting business, and having fun after work in Beirut, Lebanon.

Getting around Bangkok: BTS, tuk tuks, taxis and more

By , 30 November 2015

A good guide for visitors to Bangkok who want to make the most of their time around the city, while spending the least amount of it in traffic.

Scams To Watch Out For In Bangkok

By , 19 November 2015

Travelling to a new city can be very intimidating. You don’t know the language, customs, or culture. As you start to prepare for a trip, you inevitably...

The Best Places To Pamper Yourself In Bangkok

By , 12 November 2015

One of the most sought after experiences for any traveler to Bangkok is a proper Thai massage. Spas and massage parlours pepper the streets of...

50 new reasons to love Bangkok

By , 26 October 2015

In the aftermath one of the largest tragedies in recent Bangkok history, it can be difficult to understand why locals and foreigners alike proudly remain...