Nothing makes Aditi happier than good shampoo, good design, evolutionary theory and a spicy Bloody Mary. A Bombay girl to begin with, she’s made a home in New York, Glasgow, Singapore and London over the last ten years. After a one-day career in hand modelling (true story) and a much, much longer stint in brands & advertising, Aditi is all set to make the most of her Delhi/NCR chapter. Aditi is the Delhi Editor for Zafigo and her writing has appeared in Little Black Book Delhi, Travel+Leisure and Huffington Post.

Where to Stay

By , 8 October 2015

Hauz Khas Village is a popular city spot (Pic credit: Tripoto) General Zones & What They Offer The residential parts of Delhi for visitors are mostly Central & South Delhi, as well as the Chan...

Delhi, India: Guide For Women Travellers

By , 8 October 2015

If you’ve done any reading about Delhi, you’ve probably heard already that it is a city of contrasts. Old monuments and new buildings; hot, hot summers and chilly winters; luxurious but stark; ric...

India’s Top 5 Women-Only Travel Clubs

By , 25 September 2015

The ubiquitous ritual of girls’ nights (or afternoons or evenings) tells us one thing – we need a place and a time when girls can...