Nothing makes Aditi happier than good shampoo, good design, evolutionary theory and a spicy Bloody Mary. A Bombay girl to begin with, she’s made a home in New York, Glasgow, Singapore and London over the last ten years. After a one-day career in hand modelling (true story) and a much, much longer stint in brands & advertising, Aditi is all set to make the most of her Delhi/NCR chapter. Aditi is the Delhi Editor for Zafigo and her writing has appeared in Little Black Book Delhi, Travel+Leisure and Huffington Post.

What’s trending in travel for India

By , 28 January 2016

Tripzuki takes a long, hard, honest and analytical view of travel trends in diverse India.

On A Mission: Single Women Budget Travel In Delhi

By , 18 January 2016

We admire not just the idea behind this project but also Sanjukta's discipline coming up with rules for herself.

Delhi, I Love You

By , 11 January 2016

Run as a social media platform to share little details to love about the city, you'll find bits of information about about Delhi here.

Keeping Time (Or Not!) In Delhi

By , 21 December 2015

Yes, it’s infamous and it’s true. While India is racing forward on so many industries and fronts, Indian Standard Time or IST is woefully lagging behind.

Travel Tips India: Keeping It Simple & Safe

By , 17 December 2015

A refreshing take on travel safety that keeps things extremely simple while paying respect to the most intrinsic part of exploring India.

Go Solo & Go Far: These Women Travellers Share Their Stories & Tips

By , 10 December 2015

These women share their personal stories as single female travellers discovering India and the world, as well as tips for aspiring solo travellers.

Top Blissful Spas To Discover & Experience In Delhi, India

By , 3 December 2015

Get some much needed rest and relax and rejuvenate in Delhi at one of these spas recommended by Travel + Leisure.

Letting your hair down: The best and safest bars for women in Delhi, India

By , 23 November 2015

Because, you know, there are days when you just have to kick off those heels and have a good time. I love this list from Little Black Book about where women...

Single In The City: The Problem With Women Dining Alone In Delhi

By , 20 November 2015

This happened not so long ago: After rushing to the airport, being invariably running late despite the most meticulous planning, I went through...

A Guide To Hauz Khas Village: The District Delhi Is Most Proud Of

By , 11 November 2015

As with all urban villages, the hipsters got here first. Then came everyone else, and it got too crowded to be cool. Then some people left. And the ones who truly love it for what it is stayed on and ...