Adair Winder is a Journalism student from Melbourne Australia. Adair is an avid backpacker, having backpacked 40 countries so far at the age of 23, and has a passion for learning about the world we live in and sharing that with people through her writing.

7 Boutique Hotels In Asia You Need To Stay In

By , 1 December 2018

If you’re wanting more charm and charisma from your hotels, check out these smaller-scale, independent hotels in Asia.

The Forgotten Tribes Of The World

By , 27 November 2018

The recent Sentinelese incident has sparked considerable debate globally, as Chau not only put himself in danger, but also endangered the lives of the isolated tribe.

Expat City Ranking 2018 Reveals Promising Results For Asia

By , 26 November 2018

The Expat Insider report for 2018 demonstrated an influx of positive reviews about Asian cities with four of the top five being Asian!

New Zealand Fights For Its Rightful Place On World Maps

By , 20 November 2018

Tourism New Zealand creates hilarious campaign titled “Get NZ On The Map”.

AirAsia Joins The Fight Against HIV/AIDS In SEA

By , 19 November 2018

CEO of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes says that “This is just the beginning. We have many more things planned with RED. Watch this space.”

Everything You Need To Know About Black Friday Travel Deals

By , 14 November 2018

Whether you’re after a new luxurious suitcase or you just need a poolside vacation, you should get on these Black Friday travel sales.

14 Dead After Measles Outbreak In Thailand

By , 8 November 2018

In Thailand, 14 people have died due to an outbreak of measles with more than 1,500 cases having been reported since September.

Paradise Island of Boracay Re-Opens for Tourists

By , 31 October 2018

If you’re planning on visiting Boracay, you should look up the new regulatory framework for tourists.

How I Overcame Getting Sexually Assaulted While Travelling Solo

By , 27 September 2018

"He grabbed my wrists, he called me pretty, he said he loved me, he pinned me against a wall, and I wanted to scream but the words wouldn’t come out."