10 Zafigo Travel Tips That You Missed On Instagram

Here are some travel tips that you might have missed on our Instagram page:


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1. Always bring enough medication to last twice the length of your trip. You’ll be prepared if you or your travel partner fall sick, or if you’re stuck in a place due to unforeseen emergencies.


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2. A shawl is great for quick cover ups when needed.


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3. Roll all your clothes before packing them into your luggage. If you have a tendency to over pack, remove half of everything in your luggage after the first round of packing. Trust us, you have more than you need.


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4. Use packing cubes or clothes pouches to limit the amount of clothes and toiletries that you bring with you.


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5. Bring foldable items and clothes that do not need ironing. That way, you can stuff everything into your luggage without them creasing.


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6. You can look dressed up and glamorous without having to pack your entire cosmetic bag. All you need is two things – red lipstick and a pretty hair clip.


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7. A good quality down jacket will keep you warm without having to wear extra layers. This way, you only have to carry one item to keep you warm instead of lugging around extra winter clothes.


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8. Noise-cancelling earphones are great for tuning out screaming children and loud passengers on long flights.


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9. Carry details of your emergency contact, blood type and allergies on your body at all times. You never know what can happen in a foreign country, especially if you’re embarking on high endurance activities.


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10. Keep a small pouch of versatile accessories that you can quickly grab whenever you pack your luggage. This way, you have your go-to travel accessories and never have to fuss over which earrings to pack.

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