Zafigo Picks: Top 10 Quotes From The Zafigo Wall Of Change

Very often, people talk about change but are unwilling to take the required action for it to happen. Women, in particular, are guilty of this, accepting their lot in life for as long as they can stand it. For real and effective change to happen, for the world to be a better and safer place for everyone, we need to muster up courage and step up to the plate.

This year, in support of International Women’s Day, we started Zafigo Wall of Change, our online campaign where we asked our readers to tell us what they would do if they could #BeBoldForChange. The virtual platform was active throughout the month of March and we were flooded with responses from our readers worldwide. Some mentioned the importance to speak up, some talked about holding bold conversations, some stressed on the eminence of education of women.

Here are top 10 picks from the Zafigo Wall of Change:

1. Marina Mahathir


2. Vivian Chong


3. Cassandra Chong


4. Lalita Abdullah


5. Aein Mokhtar



6. Merissa Adelina Jaffri


7. Eliza Noordin


8. Roz O. Ray


9. Lyana Khairuddin


10. Ian Lee



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