Sexual Harassment While Travelling – The Reality & How To Overcome It [VIDEO]

Sexual Harassment While Travelling – The Reality & How To Overcome It

Moderated by Kudsia Kahar
With Jin Jeong, Özge Elif Özer and Petrina Thong

Filmed August 2017 at ZafigoX

As overseas and domestic travel becomes more accessible to women, they come face to face with different situations in diverse cultures. Some of these situations may be annoying at best, but dangerous at worst. When visting some countries, sexual harassment is a hazard that every woman traveller needs to be prepared for. In this panel, three experienced women travellers share their experiences of such harassment, how they managed to deflect the unwanted attention and in unavoidable circumstances, overcame it.

KudsiaAbout the Moderator

Kudsia Kahar, Co-founder & CEO of Kudsia+Co

Kudsia’s name is synonymous with the success and growth of the commercial radio industry in Malaysia. She has over 25 years of experience as a broadcaster under her belt, and was at the helm of top Malaysian stations such as Hitz.FM, ERA, Sinar FM and THR. Kudsia Kahar remains the only person who has managed over 20 radio stations in her career, including Malaysia’s sole women-targeted English station, Capital FM.Now the co-founder and CEO of Kudsia+Co (an effective communications training company), Kudsia regularly speaks at regional and international conferences and forums, training the C-Suite of corporations on developing an engaging presence for public speaking engagements and as spokespersons.

About the Panelists Jin

Jin Jeong, Solo Cyclist

Despite the odds, Jin trusted her dream and herself, and has since cycled through 67 countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia. And all without going back home for six years! Jin has cycled more than 62,000 kilometres so far (that’s 38,525 miles).

Jin shares all about her experiences in her riveting ZafigoX Talk, 6 Years, 67 Countries, 62,000 KMs, 5 Continents, 1 Girl – What I’ve Learned Cycling The World.

ElifÖzge Elif Özer, Consultant & Traveller

Elif decided to leave the little town of Erzurum in the eastern Turkey when she was 17 to escape the patriarchy. Since then, she has lived in six different countries and travelled across over 30 more. Elif is the current Head of Special Projects for Tune Talk Sdn. Bhd.

Elif shares her tales of growing up, escaping patriachy, and womanhood in her aptly titled talk Turkey, Turkish Delights, Menstrual Cycles.

Petrina Thong, Solo TravellerPetrina

Petrina is a freelance scriptwriter and has no exact travel plans yet. A different continent next, for sure, after her months-long hitchhiking trip from Europe to Asia. But planning isn’t her thing. And that’s why she freelances.So when the urge to leave hits, she’s gone.

Petrina addresses the good, the bad, and the in-betweens in her ZafigoX talk, Hitchhiking From Sweden To Malaysia – Of Money, Men And Misconceptions.

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