Get Your Shopping On In Guangzhou, China [VIDEO]

Night scene along the Shangxiajiu pedestrian street. A very busy shopping area in Guangzhou, China. (Photo Credit: Flickr / wyliepoon)
Shangxiajiu pedestrian street, a busy shopping area in Guangzhou, China. (Photo Credit: Flickr / wyliepoon)

When it comes to shopping in China, bargain buys are what come to mind. But the bustling trade city of Guangzhou serves as a well-rounded playing field for the self-confessed (or proud) shopaholic, as the city’s various shopping districts offer a plethora of fashion and lifestyle goods in myriad price points.

From cheap street treats to pricey tech toys and even pricier fashion, watch the video below to find out where to go to get your retail fix;

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Tengku Zai
Going by the nickname Kuzai, the Kelantan native spent nearly a decade in the wonderful world of publishing, managing the beauty sections of glossies including ELLE and Harper’s BAZAAR. The wannabe yogi also suffers from an extreme case of wanderlust and really just works to eat, travel, and nurture a unicorn and Star Wars obsession.
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