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The moment the plane lands, I admit, I am the first to click off my seat belt and stand at my seat, eagerly awaiting the stewardess to open the carrier door for everyone to unboard. While this eagerness and rushing may not seem ideal in such a situation, Caroline Costello of Smarter Travel says that this is actually good practice as it saves time, and she encourages all flyers to continue with this habit.

While the above is acceptable, there is however one big no-no that some passengers tend to do: moving forward in the aisle past their designated row. Here’s a scenario she constantly encounters:

Here is what happens pretty much every time I fly: The plane has landed. I am powering up my phone and eager to exit the aircraft. But before I gain access to the aisle, I must wait for the guy who was seated four rows behind me—and who is now standing in the aisle, blocking the exit from my row of seats—to take a couple of steps forward.

Most likely, the person behind him advances toward the front too, maintaining the impasse of inconsideration. This continues until I am the last person left on the plane, sobbing into my neck pillow.

Costello goes on to explain that a little courtesy and consideration can be applied. If you board first, you should be the last to get off the plane. Some flyers would have paid extra for seats closer to the exit. It would be impolite to deprive them of this little luxury they paid for.

It’s a trade-off: Either you get on the plane first and leave last, or vice versa.

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