4 Things You Learn About Yourself From Travelling Alone


As fun as travelling with company is, it is actually the trips that I take alone that I find myself cherishing and reminiscing more about. In a way, I do come back a different person after each trip, having had to endure and experience things without another person’s influence.

Having had such experiences from his time spent travelling solo, Alex Scola shares via Distractify about the different ways we can learn about ourselves from travelling alone.

I’ve highlighted here some of his points that I think would be useful for solo women travellers:

You love being completely alone

Shortly thereafter, you’ll realise that you’re completely and utterly on your own… and that’s awesome. You don’t have to look or smell any particular way if you don’t want to. You don’t have to waste time doing anything you don’t feel like doing. You set your schedule, take a bathroom break when you need to, and no one can tell you otherwise. It’s all you.

You’ll achieve new levels of open-mindedness

With no pressures from anyone but yourself, you’re completely free to explore, and to try things you otherwise wouldn’t. Maybe they’re things you’re afraid of doing and/or being judged for, or things you otherwise wouldn’t have put aside the time for, but regardless you’ll have the opportunity to try them if you so choose.

You’ll learn about how you fit in, in the grand scheme of things

Alone with your thoughts, you might get a little introspective. You might find it reaffirming to think about how you fit in, in things greater than yourself back home (like your community or job). Alternatively, you may spend large swaths of time completely outside yourself, just observing how the rest of the world works on the daily, without being a necessary cog in its processes.

You’ll learn just how weak you are

You will be tried, and tested, and pushed, and prodded… and you’ll persevere. You will learn to smell your own panic coming a mile away, and begin to take the necessary steps to avoid it. You’ll find courage and confidence you never knew you had (even by simply making it out on your own in the first place). And you’ll stand taller knowing all of this.

As Scola says, “you might just learn more about yourself than the place you travel to.”


Source: Distractify

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