4 Safety Tips Every Solo Woman Traveller Needs To Remember

Travelling the world by yourself is probably one of the best ways to travel; after all, you can do as you want, whenever you please without having to worry about anyone else. But as fun as it is, as women, there are some things we need to take precaution of.

Katie Goldstein shares some tips on safety as she recounts Brittney Cason’s story, whose ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ almost turned into her worst nightmare, proving further that it really is just common sense to exercise some caution.

“In today’s world, it’s just good common sense to exercise some caution” – Katie Golstein (pic credit: Huffpost Travel)

Know your limits

While solo travel can be a wonderful and enriching experience, realise when you shouldn’t be alone. There is safety in numbers, and if you’re thinking of trekking to a remote place or a neighbourhood known to be unsafe, it should be done with a companion or a group – that said, choose your posse wisely.

Keep your wits about you

Don’t get distracted by everything going on around you. Don’t let your guard down when strangers approach you or you meet other travellers. Also be sure that you don’t entirely space out when you’re photographing the sites or reading your map. Keep alcohol consumption to a reasonable level and don’t let everyone in the bar know that you’re alone.

Speak to the locals

When you check into a hotel you may ask the staff the best places to go, but you should be asking an even more important question – where should you avoid? Finding out the places to avoid is actually just as useful and may help you evade unnecessary trouble. Also doing research before your visit can alert you anything you may need to watch out for at your destination.

Stay connected

Even though you may want to unplug and unwind, keep your cell phone with you for emergencies and keep someone apprised of your itinerary. Also be sure to save the local emergency telephone number in your phone.


Source: Huffpost Travel



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