5 Instagram Travel Photographers You Need To Follow

An adventure traveller and photographer himself, Matthew Karsten has made it a daily routine to check in on his fellow travel photographer’s Instagram pages for inspiration. Here, he’s made a list of his favourite ‘travel Instagrammers’. Expect a lot of beautiful photos of people, animals, food and landscapes from around the world:

Instagram Travel Photographer Michael Christopher Brown – The Expert Vagabond

1. @michaelchristopherbrown

Michael is a proper photojournalist covering news on assignment in places like China, Libya, the Congo. He produces very powerful images. The portraits he creates are especially impressive.

Instagram Travel Photographer Kirsten Alana – The Expert Vagabond

2. @kirstenalana

Not only does Kirsten shoot great photos, her updates are mini blog posts full of information about the area she’s visiting.

Instagram Travel Photographer Andrew Evans – The Expert Vagabond

3. @wheresandrew

Andrew is National Geographic’s digital nomad, wandering the planet sharing stories and images in real time from the road.

Instagram Travel Photographer Liz Carlson – The Expert Vagabond

4. @youngadventuress

I always enjoy Liz’s photo updates as she hikes, flies, and swims her way through Europe, the Middle East, and currently New Zealand.

Instagram Travel Photographer Brendan van Son – The Expert Vagabond

5. @brendanvanson

Brendan regularly shares amazing photos from all corners of the world. Watch his feed for people, landscapes, and plenty of animals.

You can also check out Matthew’s travel pictures at @expertvagabond.

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