Delhi, I Love You


This was a sweet little discovery. I came upon this Facebook page on the newsfeed of my vibrant Spanish friend who has called Delhi home for over four years. Run as a social media platform to share little details to love about the city, I found bits of information about everything from native trees to an artists who reworks images of the everyday with playful doodles.


If you and Delhi have simply not gotten along on a particular day, I reckon this website is brilliant to bring back the love.

Especially when you feel it’s all gone to dust and the fact that the city is home to Sufi music and monuments seems like a distant memory, this quote from the great Ghalib might make it a little bit better:

I asked my soul, what is Delhi? She replied, the world is the body and Delhi its soul.”

Visit Delhi, I Love You’s official website: and Like them on Facebook:  



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