Book Like A Pro: 15 Tips For A Better MyTeksi Experience

T aking a stroll through the city can sometimes be an unpleasant experience in KL – you’re exposed to the hot sun, threatening puddles, cat calling and pathways that just disappear.

If you’re traversing the walkways in search of your next bite it can be an adventure. However, roaming around in search for a taxi is not.

With MyTeksi, getting a taxi becomes oh-so-simple. But there are a few tricks you might not know that could help make booking your taxi faster, safer, and more convenient.

Here are our expert tips for a better MyTeksi experience:

Expert tips for a better MyTeksi experience

Remember to put these tips to good use!

Download MyTeksi and start booking now:



BlackBerry – Q10, Z10 and above



As a foodie, a habit carried back from Australia, Caroline spends her weekends café hunting while taking a break from duties as Senior Marketing Executive at MyTeksi.

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