10 Global Adventure Races To Try At Least Once

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Ever wanted to see the Northern Lights while doing a half marathon? Or run through the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (home to some of the world’s most endangered rhino and zebra populations) in Kenya? Adventure races allow you to do just that.

According to Katie, On On, “Adventure runs bring the best of both worlds – physical challenges and travel experiences – to the core of the racing and travel world“.

Katie has also compiled a list of 10 global adventure races every runner with a case of wanderlust should try at least once. We’ve updated the list here with upcoming dates for each race:

Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Date: May 7, 2016
Katie says: Boasting an impressive title as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is a must-see landmark for many. While you go visit the 277 mile, 1-mile deep canyon, why not pair it with a challenging and EPIC run? 
Official website: Grand Canyon Half Marathon

Inca Trail Marathon

Date: TBC, 2016
Katie says: With a cumulative elevation gain of 11,400 (like running up and down the Empire State Building over 10 times) and a high altitude of 13,8K, this run is not for the faint of heart or breath.
Official website: Andes Adventures

Marathon du Medoc

Date: September 12, 2015
Katie says: Racking on miles from winery to winery through the beautiful rolling France wine country? Yes, please! 8.500 runners clad in Halloween worthy outfits (tutus, Marios, superheroes and more) round the breathtaking views between some of the best tastings the country has to offer.
Official website: Marathon du Medoc

Swiss Alpine Series

Date: July 25, 2015 / TBC, 2016
Katie says: If you’ve ever dreamt of running amongst the snowcapped peaks or picturesque yodeling villages of the Swiss Alps, this run series is ideal for you. Register for one of 10 courses ranging from Europe’s highest and most stunning mountain marathon to a village-touring half-marathon complete with traditional cowbell ringing spectators (can I get a ‘more cowbell’ please!). 
Official website: Swiss Alpine

Polar Night Half Marathon

Date: January 9, 2016
Katie says: Backdrop your classic half-marathon with a bone-chilling -5.6 degrees, languages from over 35 countries, a breathtaking skylit display of the famed Northern Lights and you have the Polar Night Half Marathon. Taking place at 2:00pm (the town of Tromsø, Norway only has several hours of winter daylight), this half is marked with burning torches and swirls through and around Tromsø, one of the world renown places to see the Northern Lights. 
Official website: Polar Night Half Marathon

Great Wall of China Marathon

Date: TBC, 2016
Katie says: Considered one of the most challenging international marathons, race over centuries of historic grounds as you follow in footsteps of the greatest adventurers and climb (or crawl) up the laborious steps of the infamous Great Wall.
Official website: The Great Wall Marathon  

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon

Date: December 6, 2015
Katie says: Trot with thousands of other international runners through the jungle blanketed ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage recognised Angkor Wat temple. Founded in 1996, the race proceeds directly support victims of antipersonnel mines in Cambodia, helping to provide prosthetic limbs, social reintegration programs, and supporting other needed programs.
Official website: Angkor Marathon


Date: TBC, 2016
Katie says: Mark off your Safari bucket list item by hopping out of the covered jeep and traversing the Kenyan plains on foot. The run takes place through the world heritage Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, home to some of the world’s most endangered rhino and zebra populations.
Official website: Safaricom

Australia Outback Marathon

Date: July 30, 2016
Katie says: Set across the striking red plains of the true Australian Bushlands, this trail weaves through the infamous Outback terrain. Run alongside natural flora and fauna sprinkling the sunset red desert floor. Keep your eyes peeled for a ‘roo or Dingo.
Official website: Australian Outback Marathon

Antartica Half and Full Marathon

Date: March 12, 2016
Katie says: A lifetime goal of many marathoners is to complete one race on each continent; this sub-zero trek represents the holy grail of that lifetime achievement. For over 15 years, only 100 racers annually are permitted to complete the 26.2 mile course through unique Artic gems such as icebergs, penguins, seals and whales.
Official website: Marathon Tours


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