Discover Fujian’s Tulou — Follow the path of history and win the stay of a lifetime

Fujian Tourism Bureau Tulou
Fujian Tulou: a type of Chinese rural dwelling, built between the 12th and 20th centuries by the Hakka people. (PRNewsFoto/Fujian Tourism Bureau)

FUZHOU, China – On June 19, 2015, the Fujian Tourism Bureau launched its 2015 summer marketing campaign, Discover Fujian Tulou. With 6 trips to Fujian to stay in one of the most quintessentially Chinese buildings in the world on offer, the campaign is sure to attract plenty of attention.

Fujian is one of China’s most culturally rich and historically significant provinces, and the Discover Fujian Tulou campaign seeks to raise more awareness and excitement among foreign tourists by delivering the campaign through Facebook.

The first stage of Discover Fujian Tulou’s four mini-campaigns will be a quiz aimed at educating fans about Fujian’s tulou, a type of Chinese rural dwelling, built between the 12th and 20th centuries by the Hakka people, in order to generate interest in the province.

During the second part of the Discover Fujian Tulou campaign, the Fujian Tourism Bureau will encourage participants to come up with creative and descriptive names for the Fujian tulou. The winner will be selected by making the top ten submissions through popular votes, and then being selected by a panel of judges from the Fujian Tourism Bureau.

The penultimate part of Discover Fujian Tulou is a video contest, and the prize is perhaps the best yet. Fans will be asked to send in a video clip simply “telling us something about Fujian,” and bonus points will be given if anyone can attempt any Chan (the dialect of Fujian). The top six winners will receive free return flights to Fujian.

The final stage to Discover Fujian Tulou will see the six winners exploring Fujian, taking photos and videos, and writing travel diaries. The best content from all six winners will be published on our Fujian Travel Global Facebook page, and each fan will have his or her name featured. The fan whose content is deemed best will win the chance to live in a Tulou.

The Fujian Tourism Bureau hopes this campaign will broaden people’s knowledge of the province, and push for a more culturally integrated and aware world. To sign up for the first stage of our Discover Fujian Tulou campaign, visit:

For more information on all campaign things related to Fujian Travel visit global Facebook page or official website.

- PR Newswire Asia

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