"Equality is always preached but at times not practised or enforced. Let us start with the person in the mirror!"

Zubair Juzar

"Fight for a world where women are not materialized and pave way for a society that supports her personal actions and lifestyle without being judgmental."

Aarti Ail

"Push for body positivity and a comprehensive sex education; advocate to have more women in politics!"

Lyana Khairuddin

"Create a space and culture where women can just BE themselves without the tags of morals and limitations that still surround us,"

Nafisa Dahodwala

"Help women to be more fit as they mature. Talk less and do more to help women achieve their fitness potential and to be happy with their bodies."

Eliza Noordin

"Woman Wellness program, Sex health, Hygiene education. How to be kind to one another regardless age, status and gender. Create awareness that Humanity is first."

Jenna Lam

"Reducing underage marriage and pregnancy & school dropout by educating more & increasing awareness."

Roz O. Ray

"Stand up against people who believe that women should not have the same choices as men do."

James Chong

"Be part of a conversation challenging and breaking stereotypes; that women can speak up for their rights and stand up for equality, and to not face any backlash for doing so, just because of the way they look or dress."

Maggie De Souza

"Comprehensive sex education in schools, including sexual health, consent, body positivity and SOGIE studies. "

Ineza Roussille

"Fight for better health care, more education especially the rural areas and less domestic violence."

Xin Xin Lee