"Support and encourage young women to believe in themselves, that they are not defined by the opinions of others, that they must first love themselves the right way and everthing else will fall into place."

Cathryn Wong

"Continue telling stories of women from a different perspective and through all kinds of mediums. This the way to raise awareness of the problems of gender stereotyping and how it can steer the direction of someone's life. Telling stories is the best way to raise awareness and start a discussion"

Sabrina Melisa Aripen

"Empower each other, destroy stereotypes and labels because you are not confined by those walls. "

Nicole Lau

"Speak up and stand up for those who can't. In this day and age silence is not golden anymore. "

Aditi Ullal

"Women's evolution is incomparable to men's. And why compare to one another when we are equipped to excel? Question as much, to seek oneself... #remembernambaveralevel"

Sartha Rajoo

"Try to bring down the walls around the semantics of feminism, especially among women who defend only their version of it. Is there a right or wrong way to be a feminist? I don't think so. "

Aditi Datta

"Push for equality for all gender identities, and educate everyone on the importance of respect and understanding of a person's choices in life."

Sarah Sofian

"Improve myself and be better at what I'm currently doing, be a good example to inspire the rest."

Junqi Gan

"Reply to every sexist comment I come across on Facebook. We should not allow sexism to go unchecked."

Ian Yee

"Ensure young women empower themselves and never give up! "

Cassandra Chong

"Host a TV show featuring women and their undeniable contributions to society to teach our young ladies that the sky's the limit and you have the power to make a difference! "

Lalita Abdullah

"Live this Life with Self Respect. Don't compromise with anyone if it will 'hurt' your self respect. Be strong and independent "

Rafidah Mohamed Mastar

"Keep speaking out, keep encouraging women to speak out especially if they are young. Nobody's voice is unimportant."

Marina Mahathir

"We all deserve to be treated right. Be the change you want to see in the world! "

JingWen Wen

"Correct the way the Western media portrays Asian women. Stop the hyper-sexualization and stereotypes. Not all of us are silent, submissive and forever accommodating. How about the opposite of that! "

Merissa Adelina Jaffri

"We need to stop being afraid or hesitant in lifting each other up or in joining the conversation (surrounding feminism). There's strength in our unity and enlightenment in our discourse.."

Kuzai Ajlaa

"Hope in future, this will not be a topic anymore. Female and male equally have choice and rights. "

Bridget Go

"Have open, honest discussions with men who are unaware about the injustices and inequality women face on a daily basis"

Mei Mei Chu

"Make gender studies a compulsory subject; if prejudices and discrimination are learned behaviours, then let's make sure we learn the right things - respect, equality, and inclusivity."

Vivian Chong

"We all share the same space in this world, be it being HUMAN or HUMANE we need to co-exist, it's equal rights for all !"

Beryl Anne Tan

"Stand-up! Speak-out! Support! Be kind to yourself and my immediate circle first. Join hands and lift each other up."

Alison Francis

"Wish for all the women to realize that there is no freedom externally until it's achieved inernally. To have all of us be rid of fears, insecurities and stereotypes that tend to rule our lives. And then watch the world transform. "

Edina Dizdarevic

"To remind all girls that we are all different but equally interesting and fun :) Understand yourself, be yourself and LOVE yourself. Don't not look for the right one to love you, BE the right one to love yourself. "

Hooi Meng Chong

"I would make sure that our local women's stories will be shared with the world. In hopes that by hearing someone else's story we can begin to see that we are the same. Regardless of language, race, religion, sexual preference or creed. We belong only to the human race."

Nani Al-yahya

"Push for the right for young women to carve out their own path in life and not be bound by gender roles or cultural conformity. "

Adrian Christopher Dragon

"Ensure that girls grow up without societal pressures placed on them , teach them to be fearless and know that it's ok to fail in the trying. And stop all the body shaming and be kind to each other. "

Irene Tan

"Set up a centre where I could teach underprivileged and refugee girls and women English for free so they would be able to communicate and elevate their position in society. "

Aien Mokhtar

"Be grateful by giving back to help other women, kick serious behind and prove the haters wrong, love my body temple furiously, dangerously, and unapologetically."

Nezia Azmi

"Strive to campaign for violence against women - not only physically but also mental and emotional torture (i.e rape, belittling etc). It is time we fight for our rights."

Esther Chin

"To ensure every girl gets an education, to fight for gender equality, to create a world where every girl/women is safe to be whomever they are. "

Renying Lee