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Whiskey drinker. Whimsy finder. Word writer. Sue May is a fan of big words and arcane definitions. Fascinated with stories, this honorary Geordie enjoys stumbling down well-trodden paths, roads less travelled by, and meeting new people. (Sometimes she writes about them.)

How Soon Is Too Soon To Go On A Couple Vacation?

By , December 13, 2017

Do you have a rulebook you play by when it comes to the couple vacay?

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Naples Honoured With UNESCO World Heritage Status

By , December 8, 2017

Long thought to be not worth it, Naples is now honoured with UNESCO’s World Heritage Status.

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Scam Alert: Woman Pays €32,000 For Apartment In Paris

By , November 30, 2017

A couple ended up duped out of €32,000 after finding the seemingly perfect apartment on Airbnb.

5 Hotel Safety Tips For The Solo Female Traveller

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Zafigo Giveaway: Win A L’Oréal & Zafigo Travel P...

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What To Do When You’re Stuck In A Flood While Travelli...

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Ever wondered what you should do if you book a holiday and end up caught in a flood?

Why Your Vacation Needs To Be At Least 8 Days Long

By , November 11, 2017

Everyone loves a good vacation. And now, science has pinpointed the ideal length of time you need to...