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Wine drinker. Whimsy finder. Word writer. Sue May is a fan of big words and arcane definitions. Fascinated with stories, this honorary Geordie enjoys stumbling down well-trodden paths, roads less travelled by, and meeting new people. (Sometimes she writes about them.)

Palau Makes Visitors Sign Pledge At Immigration Desk

By , December 21, 2017

Wouldn't you want to preserve your home if it looked like this?

Booking Scams On The Rise: How To Spot Them

By , December 19, 2017

As the number of online hotel bookings increase, so does the rate of booking scams.

Next Level Flattery? China Officially Replicating Shakespear...

By , December 15, 2017

Expect to see replicas of Shakespeare’s birthplace and his family home at New Place in a little to...

Last Chance To Sight S.E.A With Traveloka

By , December 15, 2017

All you have to do is sign up for Traveloka and log in to access all deals, rewards and more.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Go On A Couple Vacation?

By , December 13, 2017

Do you have a rulebook you play by when it comes to the couple vacay?

Millennials Travel Because They Can’t Afford This

By , December 8, 2017

What is it to be young and financially insecure? According to industry experts, it is to spend on tr...

Naples Honoured With UNESCO World Heritage Status

By , December 8, 2017

Long thought to be not worth it, Naples is now honoured with UNESCO’s World Heritage Status.

Solo Travel & Sexual Assault: The Conversation We’re ...

By , December 1, 2017

What was supposed to be a vacation turned into a nightmare for a woman who claims to have been the v...

8 OMG Hotels Services That Are Too Over The Top

By , December 1, 2017

Traditional hotels and resorts are seriously upping their game. Check out some of the most insane se...

5 Hotel Safety Tips For The Solo Female Traveller

By , November 28, 2017

Arm yourself with knowledge and research, and maybe employ these few basic hotel safety precautions ...